Meet Us

Meet the Team:

Meet Heather is our lead designer here at Dynamic Dimensional Designs. She graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelors in Digital Arts and Design and has been creating wonderful designs ever sense. (You can find her personal art here) Her unique skill set brings the worlds of these authors to life in new and inventive ways. So enjoy the artful creations you find here!

Meet Seth is the lead mechanic at the shop and has a lifetime of mechanical experience, as a result he expertly crafts these pieces of art for everyone.  

The last part of our team are the authors and fans that make all of these great worlds possible.

Meet: Sandra Leigh the author of the book series The Griffin’s Rest.

Meet: Donita K. Paul the author of the books series DragonKeeper Chronicles.

Meet: Jason Payne the author and illustrator of the graphic novel Princezz.

Thank you to everyone, authors and fans alike, for  helping us in creating this great community. Join our community on Facebook and Instagram.