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Wizard Fenworth is a wise and powerful wizard, and he always knows just when everything is about to go wrong too. Now show your love of this wonderful wizard with a great hoodie with his favorite phrase ” oh dear oh dear tut tut tut”.


Wizard Fenworth

Wizard Fenworth is a wizard of great might and legend and only a spry 72,000 years old. However his spells have a peculiar outcome with some frequency. His bog wizard powers allow him to summon all sorts of creatures, for instance bugs and lizards are always making their way out of his enchanted cloak and crawling around. In addition Fenworth would frequently turn into a bush or tree when he stayed still. Always aware of his situation he can tell something undesirable is about to happen. Everyone else knows it too when he starts muttering “oh dear oh dear Tut, tut, tut”.

He personally trained Lyll Allerion, Kale Allerion, and Regidor how to access and use their talents. Additionally he assisted in saving all of Amara from the evil Wizard Risto. Furthermore Fenworth saved the continent of Chiril from invasion on two occasions!  Once from a far off land that attempted to use a portal to bring in their massive army. Secondly from the land to the north with a ruler bent on power, land and wealth.

Now about the Hoodie

The hoodie is a cotton polyester blend with Wizard Fenworth’s favorite phase written on it. It is a plush thick material, this hoodie will keep you warm on even the coldest days. Centered on the front is a high quality screen printed design, also centered high on the back is the author’s logo as well as ours.

All about the Author

Donita K Paul is a fantasy writer whose works include The Dragon Keeper Chronicles, The Chiril Chronicles, The Realm Walkers as well as children’s books including The Dragon and the Turtle, The Dragon and the Turtle Go on Safari and The House on Troll Hill. You should check out all of her works on her website here! http://www.donitakpaul.com

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Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 1 in
Hoodies Sizes

Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small

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