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“He shook his head, “Teddy not guard dreams. Guard body while I dream.” (pg 18 Lady of the Mist)

Teddy is an armored teddy bear in the book Lady of the Mist. He is the protector of the youngest prince and has an adorable personality. He loves to wink and salute.

This little teddy bear is 9” in height. You have the choice between cream, white, or dark brown. Plus the helmet and breastplate are removable.

Teddy will guard you in your sleep.

About the author:

Sandra Leigh is a resident of Northern Florida, mid-forties and highly creative. She’s been telling stories since she could talk (which was fairly early) and writing them down as soon as she learned to write, often regaling her friends for hours after school with tales she’d make up. An occasionally decent artist, she often paints or renders her own covers. Fans of her novels tend to be rabid about them, often pushing her into publishing books she otherwise would have kept to herself. She prefers historical settings to modern ones and is a stickler for historical accuracy; often doing exhaustive research during the course of novel writing in order to present a believable, enduring world where things make real world sense along side the magical and the invented.

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Weight 9.94 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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