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Deep in the darkest caves glow the light rocks to light up the darkness. Once found, these treasures light up more than the physical realms. Now light up the darkness wherever you go with your very own hoodie.


   Light up the Darkness

Hidden in the depth of the world there is a shimmering rock of light. These rocks shimmer to help travelers find their way as a result many people will search for these precious stones. These creations of Wulder’s magically most commonly shine with a bright blue light. However in the Cavern of Rainbows there is a multitude of colors. Kale, Bardon and Fenworth never went on an adventure without at least one light rock stashed in the hollows of their capes. Even Granny Noon used these stones to decorate her humble home, as a matter of fact she even gave one to Kale!

   About the Hoodie

The hoodie is a cotton polyester blend with the phrase Light up the darkness. It is a plush thick material, this hoodie will keep you warm on even the coldest days. Centered on the front is a high quality screen printed design, also centered high on the back is the author’s logo as well as ours. Now you can light up the darkness where ever you go.

   About the Author

Donita K Paul is a fantasy writer whose works include The Dragon Keeper Chronicles, The Chiril Chronicles, The Realm Walkers as well as children’s books including The dragon and the Turtle, The Dragon and The Turtle go on Safari and The House on Troll Hill. You should check out all her works on her website here!

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    Something Extra

Donita loves to experiment with many things and one of those is cooking. So here is her personal recipe for light rock candy!

1- 1/3 cups sugar
2 C. light corn syrup
1/4 tsp. blue food coloring (or any color of the rainbow)
12 drops oil of wintergreen

Thoroughly dust a large cookie sheet with confectioners sugar, then set aside. Combine granulated white sugar and syrup in heavy pan and cook on low heat until sugar is dissolved. Stir as needed. Then boil without stirring to hard crack stage (300 degrees). Remove from heat and add food coloring and oil. Pour onto cookie sheet, cool completely, and break into small pieces.


Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 1 in
Hoodies Sizes

Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small

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