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In the beginning Wulder created the high races of the world. Those high races are the O’rants, Doneel,  Tumanhofers,  Emerlindians,  Mariones, Kimens, and Urohms.

The High Races

  • Emerlindians- are usually between four and six feet tall with pale skin and hair and their skin darkens with age and wisdom. Comparable to the minor dragons they can mind speak with other people and in rare cases with animals. For example, notable Emerlindians are Leetu Bends and Granny Noon.
  • O’rants are five to 6 feet tall, smell of citrus and have orange skin. Kale Allerion and Sir Bardon are two notable O’rants, although Bardon is half O’rant, half Emerlindian.
  • Mariones, being a short stock race about four feet tall, are one of the most industrious races. Many Mariones are fighters or farmers. There are no famous Mariones as of yet in the stories.
  • Kimen are the smallest of all the races standing at only two feet tall. They are a shy race, as a result they hide while around other races which is fairly easy with their clothes made of light. Shimeran, Seezle, and D’Shay are some of the most well know Kimen of the age.
  • Doneel, being a short furry people, are only around three feet tall. They love bright flamboyant clothing and above all keep an impeccable appearance. Dar is one of the most famous Doneel in the land, in particular for helping Kale and Wizard Fenworth.
  • Tumanhofers are powerful fighters with their short squat builds, however they prefer using their brains to accomplish their goals. Libbretowit, nicknamed Wit, is the right hand man of Wizard Fenworth consequently is always in great peril (mostly from the spells).
  • Urohms stand over ten feet tall and have amazing strength. The most notable of the Urohms is Brunstetter, famous for helping Kale and Fenworth save the meech

 About the Author

Donita K Paul is a fantasy writer whose works include The Dragon Keeper Chronicles, The Chiril Chronicles, The Realm Walkers as well as children’s books including The dragon and the Turtle, The Dragon and The Turtle go on Safari and The House on Troll Hill. You should check out all her works on her website here! http://www.donitakpaul.com

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